a few things:

1. I bought my first six pack of legal beer (SNPA) at Fiesta today and almost crashed my bike on my way home.

2. My theory on cooking is this: if you mix 4 or 5 good foods together, you can never go wrong: tofu, zucchini, garlic, marinara sauce, bow-tie pasta.

3. I will scan all of my polaroids soon.

4. If you’re wondering if I’ve been thinking of you, I have been.

5. People are absurd. All I wanted was one gallon of water. And then that damn storm was a huge flop.

6. Some pictures of some stuff from Litho. I love the b.i.g..

7. Zarla took this picture of me yesterday. I really like it.

8. I love my new lens.

9. Mike told me yesterday that Lisa had scolded him for teaching me how to draw, “because he should be writing.” Aww, Lis!


They’re in order:

DSC_0021tofu and zucchiniI will scan all my polaroids soon.fiesta a dusk 8/4


“You can’t stop what’s coming, they ain’t all waiting on you, that’s vanity.”


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