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Geometrics & Light

January 26, 2009

This is a photo set for my first critique in Geoff Winningham’s photo seminar. For higher quality versions, click here.

During the early seventies Robert Irwin was proffered an honorary doctorate by the San Francisco Art Institute. The school’s graduation ceremony that year took place in an outdoor courtyard on a sunny, breezy afternoon, sparkling clear. Irwin approached the podium, and began, “I wasn’t going to accept this degree, except it occurred to me that unless I did I wasn’t going to be able to say that.” He paused, waiting as the mild laughter eddied. “All I want to say,” he continued, “is that the wonder is still there.” Whereupon, he simply walked away.
— from Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees by Lawrence Weschler















untitled #1


January 11, 2009

“Poetry makes nothing happen. It survives in the valley of its saying… a way of happening, a mouth.” – Auden

the saddest place on earth

continued experiments with light

January 4, 2009

continued experiments with light

spent much of the day today
thinking about how the
quality of the light
in the north
changes the way
skin looks

the substance of
reflection turned
a blue as if
seen through a sheet of rain

the texas sun is
are saturated
so heavily that
they catch the film
in which they are captured
on fire.

it gives a certain
mis-reality to
a strength that is

I have taken the
chin from my beard today,
which, I have been told
looks like a flame
frozen on my face
in a hard ray of light.

that is all.

untitled #1

untitled #1

untitled #2

untitled #2

untitled #3

as a dream

Art is man’s revolt against his inevitable fate…

November 18, 2008

Recently while making photos I have been letting the idea that “Photographing is using the world to paint” roll around in my head. I don’t know if I read that somewhere or if I just came to it myself, but I like it.

rocko panorama

houston panorama

So many things, so many things! The semester is almost over– I have one documentary to edit, two papers to write & two sets of portfolio prints and I’m home free. I have been embracing school. I am making it bend to my will. Although I didn’t get the Pitman grant, I am applying for three more in its place.

quote of the day

October 23, 2008

“don’t tell me the camera is a goddamn machine, it’s the greatest piece of divinity ever created.”

blade of light

silent feet

October 13, 2008

silent feet

Two Extras

October 4, 2008



Color Prints

October 4, 2008

Set of 8 shot with my Mamiya c220 on Realia 120 in Kemah, Texas two weeks after the storm.



fotos from recently

September 15, 2008

paul and salome rim lithot silhouetteschool busagain
rockin the harplove on the subwaylsb.d40x_2008-09-13_5039umbrella nun
fav from the batchlsb.d40x_2008-09-13_4983pattern of the leavesabstract
untitled (LED bulb) lightprettytangerinejoy in flight

My favorite Photos

September 2, 2008

golden gate evolutiondon portraitc.b. dangerlaughing ghostspensive
DSC_0027echoEastern SeaMic Dbiker in nyc
Tattooed Marilyn, Beautiful as everDSC_0069The Many Shades of WalkerDSC_0130under the eiffel tower
I like this one alot.DSC_0427square of walkerdo a little danceboy with accordian player
zach duranlook closelyUntitled #42Ernie BanksMob Scene