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What an artist must do:

January 24, 2009

They said, “You have a blue guitar,
You do not play things as they are.”
The man replied, “Things as they are
Are changed upon the blue guitar.”
And they said then, “But play, you must,
A tune beyond us, yet ourselves,
A tune upon the blue guitar
Of things exactly as they are.”
— Wallace Stevens


January 11, 2009

“Poetry makes nothing happen. It survives in the valley of its saying… a way of happening, a mouth.” – Auden

the saddest place on earth

continued experiments with light

January 4, 2009

continued experiments with light

spent much of the day today
thinking about how the
quality of the light
in the north
changes the way
skin looks

the substance of
reflection turned
a blue as if
seen through a sheet of rain

the texas sun is
are saturated
so heavily that
they catch the film
in which they are captured
on fire.

it gives a certain
mis-reality to
a strength that is

I have taken the
chin from my beard today,
which, I have been told
looks like a flame
frozen on my face
in a hard ray of light.

that is all.

untitled #1

untitled #1

untitled #2

untitled #2

untitled #3

as a dream

how thin the binding wire

September 16, 2008

a poem

Philip Levine’s The Simple Truth

July 24, 2008