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I have moved!

February 22, 2009

Check out my new and improved blog at click.bang.boom.


The Best Movie I Have Ever Seen

December 9, 2008
Picture 3.png

Cul-De-Sac by Roman Polanski.

Amazing ad

November 4, 2008

note to self:

September 9, 2008




Dork is the New Cool: I just think this is beautiful

September 6, 2008

The possible new iTunes visualizer:
Magnetosphere revisited (audio by Tosca)

Buk’s Women

September 1, 2008

“I got a stable,” I said. “Fighters. Four good Mexican boys. Plus one black boy, a real dancer. What do you weigh?”

“158. Were you a fighter? Your face looks like you caught a few.”

“I’ve caught a few. We can put you in at 135. I need a southpaw lightweight.”

“How’d you know I was a southpaw?”

“Your’re holding your cigarette in your left hand. Come on down to the Main Street gym. Monday AM. We’ll start your training. Cigarettes are out. Put that son of a bitch out!”

“Listen, man, I’m a writer. I use a typewriter. You never read my stuff?”

“All I read is the metropolitan dailies– murders, rapes fight results, swindles, jetliner crashes and Ann Landers.”

“Dee Dee,” he said, “I’ve got an interview with Rod Steward in 30 minutes. I gotta go.” He left.

Dee Dee ordered another round of drinks. “Why can’t you be decent to people?” she asked.

“Fear,” I said.


Photoshop Fun

August 26, 2008

it was all a dream 2

my american apparel ad

A Small Taste

August 24, 2008

the real thing will be recorded soon. Tell me what you think? (I have this habit of recording every practice take and photobooth is the quickest/ easiest way of doing that.)

To L.A.

August 14, 2008

I am leaving 8 a.m. tomorrow and flying to “the city of angels”…

Kage and I will go to San Luis Obispo and stay two nights and then stay one night in Big Sur. I’m so excited.

So many pictures to come.

this is perhaps why the man should be president

August 11, 2008

Any man who can hoop has that much up on the next. Just like my boy Kevolution said “C’mon let’s see McLame even dribble”…

Word up, next gen, our gen.