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November 23, 2008

Art is man’s revolt against his inevitable fate…

November 18, 2008

Recently while making photos I have been letting the idea that “Photographing is using the world to paint” roll around in my head. I don’t know if I read that somewhere or if I just came to it myself, but I like it.

rocko panorama

houston panorama

So many things, so many things! The semester is almost over– I have one documentary to edit, two papers to write & two sets of portfolio prints and I’m home free. I have been embracing school. I am making it bend to my will. Although I didn’t get the Pitman grant, I am applying for three more in its place.

Amazing ad

November 4, 2008

Dork is the New Cool: The Internet

October 28, 2008


Isn’t it beautiful?


I. Alvarez-Hamelin rendering.jpg

Here is another incredible rendering of global internet connectivity:

connectivity map.jpg

Here is an image of neurons firing. Just saying.


the internet is shit dot org.


October 26, 2008

joe mccain, john mccain’s little bro.

October 24, 2008

his face was smushed in a tragic garage door accident in his formative years.


I think he is funny.

quote of the day

October 23, 2008

“don’t tell me the camera is a goddamn machine, it’s the greatest piece of divinity ever created.”

blade of light

An excerpt from a letter I wrote the other day:

October 23, 2008

Yesterday E & I sat drinking orange spice tea on a couch in her backyard as the sun went slowly down, setting through her hoo-la-hoop [the earth turned and she stood still] and we talked and took black & white photos of one another’s globe-like pupils. After it was dark we turned on the radio in her year-we-were-born beamer and we listened to haiku & blues while sitting on the trunk of that sweet machine watching the whispering of trees; every now and then turning to ground ourselves in each other’s eyes. As we sat on that cold metal the sky spoke Rorschach inkblots and told me that I should never worry, death is a movement & could only be quietness. Soon the rest of the house came wheeling through the darkness and we stood in the garage-lamp light smoking and I walked in circles with the hoop dressed around me, balanced on the back of my neck, slapping against my calves as I moved away from the others, turned, and came back, wading through thoughts it took Thoreau decades to come to.

I think I understand why people leave and go to the woods. I think I understand why it is something to do absolutely nothing. I think I understand why when people decide to check out and move to another level; that it is society’s self-preserving mechanism to label them as insane. I understand that, as Renoir said, “the awful thing about life is this: everyone has their reasons.” War is the result of these reasons being so completely opposite that people believe that the other must die.

I understand that clean is better than dirty; unity is better than panic; peace is better than war; good is better than bad; simple is better than complicated… Q. U. A. L. I. T. Y… a question that has a way of shaking the foundation of life, the meaning of everything. It is a difficult to think of value and what it means; it is dangerous territory to question the ground on which one stands.

I had a feel of life being a ocean-like tunnel though which I was moving. Most of the time too quickly to notice the ripples and movements of everything around me. Life is merely this present moment. This moment is a culmination of all the choices I have made up until this point & last night things s l o w e d down to a point where I understood that there are few things that matter: leaving a pleasant wake in which others can float and be moved by, creating more than you destroy and seeking a balance within oneself. Happiness is this balance.

In conclusion, I give you this:

pb & j = hood.jpg

and this.


October 13, 2008
Photo 59.jpg


October 13, 2008

Last night I ate some chocolate that kept me up half the night and I got to some thinking…

1. I want to record every minute of my life on a digital tape recorder and play back in real time at Erin’s nothing art show. Seems kinda narcissistic but it’s not– I just think recording everything lowers it’s value… kinda like how if everyone has lots of money it’s not worth anything. We can call it aural inflation. And as that worth shrinks and shrinks it moves closer and closer to nothing. Nothing as something, something as nothing. Bear with me.

2. I want to set up a photobooth at the Halloween party with a remote control for my camera, and have it tether into the computer and automatically add weird effects and live blog itself. Word? Or too much?

3. Create an automator script that chooses random bits of video on my computer and edits them together arbitrarily. Can this be done?

4. The blending of technology and art: I want to explore the point where these two entities meet; where you can no longer tell one from the other. Perhaps I can run a video screen shot recorder on my computer all day everyday, sped it up 10x and projected it on a loop… you’d see me type papers, surf the internet (it’s a skill, and I might say I have it), edit photos, etc. The computer is my paintbrush and this would be you watching me paint in fast motion.